Miscellaneous Topics in Combinatorics

Identifying Codes
A census of identifying codes for small graphs.
Locating-Dominating Codes
A census of locating-dominating codes for small graphs.
Ramsey Numbers
A page on Ramsey numbers.
Two vertices of a graph are similar if an automorphism of the graph takes one to the other. They are pseudosimilar if their vertex deleted subgraphs are isomorphic.
Uniquely Pancyclic Graphs
Pancyclic graphs have cycles of all possible lengths. Uniquely pancyclic graphs have exactly one cycle for each length.
Isomorphic Factorization
Some preliminary experimental results concerning isomorphic factorizations of complete graphs by trees and trivalent graphs.
Graphs Without Cycles of Specified Lengths
Some examples of graphs with cycles of certain even lengths, motivated by the Erdos-Gyarfas conjecture.
The Cage Problem
Some smallest known graphs of given degree and girth.
Pictures of Notable Graphs
Not much yet...
Paley Graphs
Independence/clique numbers for some more Paley graphs.
Graphs from Chess Queens
Ways to represent well known graphs on chessboards.
The Petersen Graph
Five pictures of the Petersen graph.
Degree/Diameter Problem
Some constuctions for the degree/diameter problem.
The Hoffman-Singleton Graph
Some pictures of subgraphs of the Hoffmann-Singleton graph.
Strongly Regular Graphs
Strongly regular graph parameters for which the existence question has not been settled.
Rectilinear Crossing Numbers
Some straight-line drawings of famous graphs with few crossings.
Asymmetric Codes
Examples of, and bounds for, optimal asymmetric codes.
Combinatorial Geometry
Some data concerning a few favorite topics in Combinatorial Geometry. Some of this stuff is very old.
Vander Waerden Numbers
Best known bounds on small Vander Waerden numbers.